B P Ed or Bachelor of Physical Education is an undergraduate program in sports and fitness. The course revolves around one’s physical and mental well-being and fitness. It openly discusses the effects of sports and physical activities in day-to-day life for improved physical and psychological health.

B.P.Ed Course offers a good career choice because the global sports industry is increasing and is worth USD 620 Billion. The Indian Sports Industry will increase by 18% till 2022 generating substantial employment opportunities for B.P.Ed graduates.

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Government Projects such as Khelo India have improved the employment opportunities for sports trainers and coaches.

B P Ed is offered to students who have qualified for their 10+2 examinations with a minimum of 50% marks. The course duration is 3 to 4 years. However, the same course can be pursued by those students who have completed their graduation in any relevant field. In such a case, the course duration reduces to 1 to 2 years. Admission to the course is offered either based on an entrance test or merit basis. There may also be a physical screening round for shortlisting students for entry into the study.


All About B.P.Ed Course

Sports is no longer seen as a leisure option in India. The massive investment in various sports and their related field has brought a renaissance in the sports industry in India. B.P.Ed complete form Bachelor of Physical Education is one course that trains candidates to pursue many career options in sports. The B.P.Ed Syllabus has been designed in such a way that it not only teaches the candidates about the methodology of different sports but also other soft skills such as leadership, teaching practice for a better understanding of the student’s psyche, and many more.

Why Study B.P.Ed?

The B.P.Ed Course helps the candidates understand the different methodologies of sports management, principle, and sociology of sport and help develop communication skills that would help them guide students more effectively. The following are some of the details that would help us understand why B.P.Ed courses are essential:

  • An Exponentially growing Field: The sports industry in India is growing at an exponential rate in India. It has been projected to grow at a CAGR of 18 % till 2022 making it one of the fastest-growing sectors in India, opening up employment opportunities for the various sports managers, trainers, and coaches in India.
  • Job opportunities: The B.P.Ed course not only helps in getting a good career option in the field of sports training and coaching, but also other auxiliary fields such as commentator, Sports Journalist, Commentator, sports administrator, and many more.
  • Reasonable payment and Other perks: Most B.P.Ed graduates are offered jobs as a coaching staff, trainers, instructors, and many more. The B.P.Ed candidates are hired in government institutes such as the Sports Authority of India, the Athletics Federation of India, AIFF, and many more. The average salary ranges between INR 500,000-INR 600,000 per annum; in some cases, they can go as high as INR 12-15 Lacs per annum. Private institutions’ wages are also quite competitive, with people earning over INR 300,000 per annum. The government and private institutions provide other perks such as insurance, medical and dental benefits, retirement benefits, and many more.
  • Opportunity to turn entrepreneur: The B.P.Ed candidates can set up their academy or training program after completing the B.P.Ed course. There are over 5000 private sports academies or coaching centres in India providing training to budding athletes in India.
  • Job satisfaction: The job of a B.P.Ed graduate is related to training candidates in various sports. If the athletes win any international competition, it brings immense job satisfaction to the individuals.

Who should do B.P.Ed Course?

  • The Bachelor in Physical Education course should be pursued by candidates who wish to pursue a career in the sports industry in India.
  • Candidates interested in sports and physically fit to take up the stress of training athletes should take the Bachelor in Physical Education course.
  • Candidates who wish to contribute to developing sports and related fields in India should take up the course.
  • A career as a trainer or a sports coach requires a considerable amount of travelling. So, candidates who travel constantly should only take up B P Ed.
  • Candidates interested in working with children at the grassroots level to guide them in translating into professional sports should take a Bachelor in Physical Education course.

When to do B.P.Ed Course?

  • Candidates can start with the B.P.Ed course immediately after completing their 12th or equivalent examination.
  • The B.P.Ed syllabus is considerably vast, and the candidate needs to provide a considerable amount of time in both the theoretical and practical papers of the course. Thus, the candidates should only pursue the system if they can give enough time to their studies and preferably not do any job during the course duration.
  • Some private colleges’ courses are expensive, so the candidates need to arrange for various loans to complete the Bachelor in Physical Education course.

B.P.Ed Admission Process

  • The B.P.Ed admission process is based either on a merit list or an entrance examination. Many of the top colleges provide B.P.Ed Admission based on the entrance examination. The following are the details of the B.P.Ed admission process.

B.P.Ed Eligibility

  • Students seeking Admission to the course must meet the following eligibility criteria. Know that the system is offered for different durations. Hence the eligibility is added as per the duration of the course.
    • For a 3 to 4-year course, students who have qualified for their 10+2 examinations with a minimum of 50% marks from any recognized board are eligible. The number varies from one college to another. In some cases, the minimum marks in the 12th may go up to 60%.
    • For Admission to the 3 to 4-year courses, the candidates must be at least 17 years of age or above.
    • For 1 to 2-year duration courses, students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks are eligible. The minimum percentage may vary from one college to another. In some cases, the minimum number can go upto 60% or more.
    • For Admission to the 1 to 2 years course, the candidates need to be between 19-25 years of age.
    • Apart from the criteria mentioned above, one needs to qualify for the physical screening round and the personal interview round conducted by the college or the university.
    • One must also have some prior experience in sports and should have participated in sports competitions at inter-college, inter-school, or individual levels.
    • In the case of Admission to the 1-2 years course, both male and female candidates are allowed, but some colleges prefer male candidates.

B.P.Ed Admission 2023

  • Admission to the course is offered either based on an entrance test or merit basis. Banaras Hindu University and Lovely Professional University are some universities that conduct their entrance examinations to shortlist students for Admission into the course. Given below is a brief description of the admission process.
    • Candidates must apply to the colleges or universities they are interested in.
    • Usually, the admission process commences in June and July. However, the admission process has been deferred due to the pandemic and the subsequent cancellation of the 12th examination. While some colleges shortlist students based on a standard entrance test, several others rely on the marks obtained by the student in the qualifying examination.
    • In case of an entrance test, students must score above the minimum qualifying score set by the respective college or university.
    • The college authorities may also conduct a separate physical screening test. The test is performed to check the physical fitness and capabilities of the person. The test may include activities like Long Jump, Vaulting Horse, Trench, Hurdle, race, etc.
    • The colleges or universities then declare the result and release a merit list of finally shortlisted candidates based on the written and physical efficiency tests.
    • Further, some colleges or universities conduct personal interview rounds to extend the students’ final offer letter of Admission.
    • After the admission process, the final allotment of seats to the candidates takes place, and the candidate is required to deposit the course fee and register for the respective academic year.
    • In the case of merit-based Admission, the score obtained by the candidate in the qualifying examination is considered for granting Admission.