MPEd, or Masters in Physical Education, is a postgraduate program of a 2-year duration and teaches students about sports-related.

In this course, candidates learn about various sports and can choose one per their specialization. In addition, students are equipped with team management skills, health education knowledge, psychology knowledge etc., while pursuing this program.

The eligibility criteria to get admitted into one of the top-ranked colleges offering an MPEd course is to have a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education or a similar field of Education. In addition, a minimum aggregate score of at least 50% is sufficient to be admitted.

MPEd Admission criteria for most colleges include an Entrance and Physical Evaluation Test. The written test consists of the basics of physical evaluation taught at the undergraduate level, like management basics, first aid etc. Whereas the Physical Evaluation Test checks the candidate’s capabilities.

The Masters in Physical Education program is perfect for students looking forward to building their careers as Coaches and Educators. The average course fee to pursue this course from Indian Colleges/ Universities ranges between INR 10,000 and INR 2,00,000 per annum.

After completing this course, students can find jobs as Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, etc., with an average annual salary ranging between INR 2,00,000 and INR 5,00,000.

Upon completing this course, students can pursue higher studies, advanced academic exploration, and research through M.Phil Physical Education and PhD Physical Education courses. In addition, this course provides a solid basis for further studies and related prospects.

MPEd: What is it about?

Some of the essential points to know what a Master of Physical Education is all about are given below:

  • The MPEd program is a two-year postgraduate program that covers topics like Sports Psychology, Team Management, Dealing with Injuries, First Aid etc.
  • This program aims to train and educate students about healthy development and training for sports. Professional knowledge like rules and regulations of sports and games are also acquired.
  • This program introduces students to specializations in the Physiology of exercise, Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Test measurement etc.
  • The Master of Physical Education program teaches the students to improve techniques and approaches applied to fitness in sports and other areas.
  • It is a course that helps the students closely understand physical sports-related activities.

Why Should You Study MPEd?

MPEd is a physically demanding program that tests the limits of a candidate’s capabilities while teaching new essential skills. The reasons for opting for this program differ from each candidate’s goal. Some of the reasons why MPEd is recommended are as follows.

  • Career options: The career options for an MPEd candidate are unlimited. Employment is offered in schools, colleges, gyms, and training centres in private and public organizations.
  • High Salary: Handsome salary packages are offered to MPEd degree holders with an average salary of INR 2,00,000 to INR 5,00,000 Per Annum.
  • Train future students: The future generation of sports stars and athletes are trained and prepared by an MPEd degree holder.
  • MPEd degree holders can be hired as coaches, Trainers, and teachers in Schools, Colleges, etc.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Admission to MPEd? 

  • Students who aspire to seek admission to MPEd course are required to follow the minimum eligibility criteria given below:
    • Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education or a similar field of Education.
    • An aggregate score of 50% is sufficient to be considered for admission.
    • Candidates must appear for a written test and a round of physical fitness tests.

How to Get Admission to a Good MPEd College? 

  • Several universities offer a Master’s in Physical Education in India. It can take some work to decide on which college to apply to. To help with the decision process, refer to the following guidelines points.
    • Application dates, examination dates etc., are constantly revised by the universities. Keeping track of new changes is a must to ensure everything is noticed.
    • Students can get a confirmed seat in a good college if they have a sound academic record in post-graduation and also based on their performance in various national or state-level entrance tests. The greater the score, the better the chances of admission to the top colleges across India.
    • Go through past entrance test papers to get an idea of the syllabus and how to prepare better.
    • Prepare for the physical fitness test portion of the admissions. Take the help of a mentor or coach for better preparation.
    • Get a good sleep and take advantage of meals for the admissions process. It would be detrimental to get sick before the admissions process.