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Lokbharati University for Rural Innovation is world’s first university exclusively focusing on ‘Rural Innovation.’ It has been accorded the Private University Status under GUJARAT PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2022. The university is managed by Lokbharati Gramvidyapith, the first ever Gram Vidyapeeth of the country. Spread across 165 acres of beautiful campus in the lap of nature, Lokbharati University is for seekers of knowledge and prospective social transformers.

Lokbharati’s genesis dates back to 1910 when Shri Nanabhai Bhatt, a devout Gandhian and freedom fighter realized education as the only means to emancipate the poorest section of the society and started a hostel in Bhavnagar. Then in 1938, he founded the first post-basic school (Lokshala which is based on the folk-schools of Denmark) on the principles of Gandhiji’s Nai Talim (cultivation of head, hand and heart!) in a small village, Ambala (35 Km from Bhavnagar). Then he and his visionary colleagues such as Shri Manubhai Pancholi, Shri Moolshankar Bhatt, and Shri Natvarlal Buch conceptualized and started an institute for imparting rural higher education i.e., Lokbharati at the lap of nature in Sanosara (10 km from Ambala) on May 28, 1952 (Buddh Purnima). The foundation stone was laid by Shree Kakasaheb Kalelkar, a famous Gandhian and an educationist.

Lokbharati is based on the Sarvodaya principles of truth and non-violence and it is an example of how basic and higher education can contribute towards solving rural problems. Basic education has to spread even to the lowest rungs of society, and this can instil a sense of equality and equity among people. With this as the foundation, Lokbharati imparts practical knowledge to its students which is suitable to the Indian psyche and culture, as well as useful to the society at large. Shri Nanabhai said that partial form of knowledge is burdensome and knowledge without character is futile and destructive. Therefore, he felt that it was important for students to stay on the campus of Lokbharati to acquire character trails like cooperation, acceptance, respect, tolerance, wisdom, to name a few. The present education, has led to an almost dichotomous partition between the “classes‟ and “the masses”, thereby weakening the foundation of the society. Unless correlated education is given to the vast majority of rural Indians, real democracy cannot exist. The current system of education, the British legacy, makes students literate individuals rather than well-informed educated humble human beings. The remedy for this social evil is to make hostel life – living together – the centre of our education. In hostel, students learn to live and work together in harmony, doing useful productive work on campus. Thus, whatever knowledge and skills the student acquires is in the context of a close rapport with life, society and nature.

Popular Courses 

  • BA English.
  • BRS Agronomy.
  • PGD NGO and CSR Management.
  • BA Psychology.
  • B.Voc Natural Farming.
  • B.Voc Agro Processing.

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