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The goal of any educational system must be in consonance with the declaration of ancient Indian scriptures which propound “Sa Vidya Ya Vimukt haye”, which means that only education results in true liberation. Education not only develops ones intelligence and skills, but also broadens outlook and makes one useful to society and the world at large. This is possible only when the spirit of serving the society is cultivated and promoted along with education. It is the moral and spiritual education which can train a man to lead a disciplined life. The University should take appropriate measure to ensure quality research and teaching by encouraging inter-disciplinary academic and research programmes.

The vision of our University is to enable each and every student to develop self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-control. The University will equip all students to lead their lives in a righteous and conscientious manner. It will offer an environment for the development of character with enriched virtues and noble ideas for its students. The holistic system of education followed in the University will help every student to draw out the capacity for knowledge, values and wisdom latently present within. The University will not merely prepare students for earning degrees but will nurture the values required for self-realization. Stress will be on personality development and blending of academics with extra and co-curricular activities and social service.

The University will:

  • Promote ‘Excellence’ by harmonizing formal education with commitment to the service to humanity.
  • Prepare best course curricula and introduce need based courses which are innovative, challenging, application oriented and which integrate values.
  • Produce skilled individuals who will be known for their innovative skills, analytical abilities, scientific temperament and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Encourage co-curricular activities to encourage practical orientation and help students in developing a holistic and all-inclusive approach, with a widened outlook and broader understanding of life.


The University will mainly focus on:

  • Academics and Research
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Human Resource Development
  • E-Governance & Quality Assurance
  • Social Responsibility

Popular Courses

Maharaja Agrasen College Fees and Eligibility
CoursesTotal tuition FeesEligibility
B.A.(21 Courses)
INR 540
(for 3 years)
Exams :CUET
B.Com(1 Courses)
INR 540
(for 3 years)
Exams :CUET
B.Sc.(4 Courses)
INR 540
(for 3 years)
Exams :CUET
Certificate(7 Courses)
INR 300 – 4 K
(for 15-50 hours)
UG Diploma(1 Courses)
INR 70 K
(for 2 years)
Exams :CBSE 12th
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