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Chanakya University is deeply committed to the creation of a foremost knowledge movement that will harness India’s lasting civilizational wisdom to serve society and humanity selflessly. We are committed to the development of youth who are rooted in ideals; to groom them into becoming inspiring leaders with life-mastering skills, so they will rise higher with ideas and achieve sustained success with abundant wisdom (jñāna), indomitable will (ichhā) and meaningful action(kriyā).

Our logo is the symbolic manifestation of our positioning, the flag of our purpose; and the signature of our vision. Inspired by ancient mint coins of reverential Indian kingdoms that served with will, wisdom and action; it is a reflection of our heritage and civilizational depth that has enduring relevance and rich meaning. The symbol has been hand drawn and serves as a constant reminder of our founding goals. The Ashwatha leaf symbolises abundant wisdom (jñāna), the Sun symbolises energy with an indomitable will (ichhā), and the Dharma Chakra symbolises movement with the right, meaningful action (kriyā). The logo stirs and reminds us everyday to stay rooted in our principles, to ascend with ideas, to unflinchingly be of service to society and to develop transformative leaders. Inspired by nature and light, ours is a rare colour that has been chosen as a representation of our steadfast ‘ideas with ideals’ movement; and reflects character, sincerity and commitment. Perfectly complementing the hand-hewn logo is the timeless custom serif typeface that is handcrafted; its form and colour exuding gravitas and heritage.

In its entirety, the logo as part of our identity, will always remind us of our true Indian spirit, our commitment to higher values and our dedication to serve society. As catalysts for developing transformative leaders, who will rise higher with ‘ideas and ideals’, the mark will inspire us to strive to be the foremost university by uniting global academic excellence with generational Indian wosdom, for individuals’ and humanity’s greatness.

About Chanakya University (CU)

Chanakya University is a global university in Bengaluru, that will be a pioneering exemplar of a university’s vision as elucidated in the National Education Policy 2020. The University will be a multi-disciplinary institution offering new-age programs with the integration of Indian Knowledge Systems.

Chanakya University will be adopting the Liberal Education model, which will enable the students to design their degrees based on their academic interests and freedom to choose open electives based on their passion, thereby every student will enjoy the process of teaching-learning.

The University is strategically located near the Bengaluru International Airport and is a part of the Aero-Space Industrial Zone, which houses over 1000 Multi-National Corporates including Rolls Royce, Apple, and the likes. This environment will encourage the students to network with industries for a journey of experiential learning through projects, internships, and interactions with industry leaders, which will prepare them for evolving as a professional. We will be embedding Value-Added Professional Programs which will enhance their employability skills, and every student will evolve as a Transformative Leader in their career space.

The University will be led by highly accomplished Academicians, Educationists, and faculty. With Dr. M.K.Sridhar as our Founder Chancellor, and Dr. Yashvantha Dongre as our first Vice-Chancellor at the helm, the university will be guided and mentored by renowned Industry and Academic Leaders.

For the Academic Year 2023, Chanakya University will be launching 4 Year Honours Graduate programs and Post Graduate Programs across three Schools:

  • School of Commerce and Management
  • School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • School of Public Policy & Legal Studies

Chanakya University will be offering over 75 scholarships based on various schemes including Merit, Arts and Culture, Sports, Children from Defence families, Covid Orphans, and more.

The admissions for 2023, is now open, potential students can take the CUPP 2023 (Chanakya University Pravesha Pareeksha) our exclusive online admission entrance test.

Popular Courses

CoursesTotal tuition FeesEligibility
MBA/PGDM(1 Courses)
INR 5.5 L
(for 2 years)
Graduation: 50 %
Exams :CATKMAT+1 more
BBA(6 Courses)
INR 2.85 L – 4.4 L
(for 3-4 years)
10+2: 50 %
Exams :CUET
BCA(3 Courses)
INR 4.8 L
(for 4 years)
10+2: 50 %
Exams :CUETCBSE 12th+1 more
B.Sc.(3 Courses)
(for 4 years)
10+2: 50 %
Exams :CUETCBSE 12th+1 more
M.Sc.(2 Courses)
INR 1.9 L
(for 2 years)
Graduation : 60 %
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