Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence

SSSUHE adheres to the 3H model of education which envisages developing the power of ‘Head’, ‘Heart’ and ‘Hands’ in every individual to their full potential.

This 3H model of “Head, Heart and Hands” can be depicted metaphorically, as a tree – where the trunk rises from the roots, the branches spread out with leaves, flowers blossom and fruits develop. A fully blossomed child develops into an integrated personality and will have a brilliant head, a loving and compassionate heart and competent hands, including as an essential part, a healthy and strong physique.

It is therefore imperative that education should provide a balanced combination of an academic programme, skill development, physical education, spiritual, cultural, service and other extra-curricular activities so that sufficient opportunities are provided for the holistic development of a student’s personality. This cannot be achieved without a dedicated team of noble and competent teachers which is the key to the success of this model. Residential Education (Gurukula) is highly conducive to the effective implementation of this model, nevertheless, connecting students with the society (communities) and the natural environment is also essential for integral values-based transformative education.

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