The WES Credential Evaluation Process Explained 

First of all, you need to know what WES stands for. It stands for World Education Services. 

The WES credential evaluation process involves four basic steps. We are providing you with all the details about these four basic steps. 

  • In the first step, evaluators ensure that WES has received all required documents in the manner specified for that country (or territory) and credentials.
  • The second step involves reviewing the documents to ensure duly recognized institutions authentically issue them.
  • In the third step, analysts evaluate the documents and assess their equivalency in Canadian or U.S. education.
  • In the fourth and final step, the evaluator issues the credential evaluation report. Each step is essential in creating an accurate and high-value report.

Problems in the WES process- 

Many students face different problems while applying for World Education Services (WES). Usually, the students live away from the University and cannot complete the documentation process for WES. Many students cannot verify their admission to the WES department through calls. Due to such small issues, students get in trouble and cannot fulfil their required WES process. 

Here Lead Nation comes to land you the best services, and we help you to complete your documentation process and make your University responsive. 

We take only our services charge; all the college documentation fees must be paid to the college account. 

We work as a bridge between the students and universities for any pending work where your visit to the University is not possible, and you want some helping hands.